Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete Repair & Protection

Deterioration of concrete may occur due to a number of reasons including corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze and thaw cycles, seismic activity, reactive aggregates, etc. Decades of practical experience have enabled us to develop a comprehensive solution to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures.

The “Repair and Protection” of concrete structures is one of our core competencies, with a range including concrete admixtures, resin flooring and coating systems, all types of waterproofing solutions, sealing, bonding and strengthening solutions as well as a complete range of purpose-made imported products for the repair and protection of concrete structures.

Our specialist team assesses the state of the structure and formulates an action plan suited to the architecture taking into account all the environmental factors affecting it. SCS also provides the proper products that need to be employed for the structure to regain its strength and durability.

We use several methods for the treatment of a concrete structure some of which are:

  • Concrete Crack Repair by Stitching.
  • Routing and Sealing of Cracks.
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Add. Reinforcement for Crack Repair.
  • Gravity Filling Method.
  • Drilling and Plugging Method.
  • Grouting Method of Crack Repair.
  • Overlay & Surface Treatments of Cracks